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The all-inclusive investor relations service known as IR One-stop Service. By bringing you and your shareholders closer than ever before, it facilitates direct communication with shareholders through IR admins and a proactive chatbot that is accessible through the Line Official Account application platform around-the-clock.

The Evolution of
Investor Relations
Under the premise that
"Shareholders are our most important people"
Share financial updates with shareholders through the official LINE account.

Promptly respond to all inquiries; converse clearly and concisely at all times and do it regardless of location.
With the help of LINE OA-based services designed to maximize potential, the company can now respond to messages automatically, update investors on breaking news instantly, and address each investor's questions and concerns in detail, all day, every day.

Stay up-to-date with investor information and have the ability to check rights at any time.
Do not risk losing out on potential investors because they are unaware of or have not received information regarding the crucial date (closing of shareholder register). Investors can quickly and easily verify their rights as shareholders with a three-step process on LINE OA.

All services are covered on a single page.
The LINE Official Account facilitates easy communication between businesses and individual investors, as well as providing public relations services and a centralized location to view shareholder rights.
Quick and easy contact with the business

Connect shareholders to your company's website for more information.

Significant financial documents

Deliver important financial documents for shareholders to consider based on important agendas.


Utilize the FAQ system, which compiles frequently asked questions, to provide shareholders with prompt responses to their inquiries.

The administrator is reachable around-the-clock.

At any time, shareholders with further inquiries may contact the administrator for a complimentary financial consultation.

Instill confidence in shareholders with CEO TALK

Our services encompass writing and editing press releases sourced from news outlets and companies, complete with accompanying graphics. Additionally, we provide monthly updates from the CEO regarding the company's vision, business overview, annual goals, and future operations. This includes ensuring the organization is prepared to handle crises in order to maintain shareholder confidence and demonstrate business growth. Additionally, it establishes a personal brand for the CEO that conveys trustworthiness and demonstrates concern for the shareholders who are integral to the organization.

STATUS UPDATE Stay up-to-date on all the happenings

We have set up a Line Official Account to facilitate the rapid dissemination of new information about the company's investments to shareholders. This includes reporting operating results quarterly and annually, which show the growth and profitability of the business, as well as any other information that is relevant to the consideration of shareholders' securities, such as future projects.

Right Checked Benefits for shareholders

A service that allows shareholders to stay informed about dividends, subscriptions to newly issued shares, and other benefits well in advance of the securities transfer register closing date. Stockholders can enroll and view their own information by providing a phone number, email address, and ID card number in a straightforward identification verification process. The issue of inadequate shareholder care can be resolved in this way. As an added bonus, it makes administrators' jobs easier.

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