Pornbhuda Rijiravanich

Overseeing all AA&P business and seeking challenging opportunities for his team, Pornbhuda is responsible for growth strategy, the firm’s identity, and working to be the best in all areas of strategic importance. With his high professional standards, Pornbhuda strives to help develop the skills and knowledge of all team members at AA&P. 

Pornbhuda holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand and a master’s of Science in Finance from Lancaster University in the UK. Prior to becoming the major shareholder and Managing Director at AA&P, Pornbhuda was President & Partner at Discover Management, a boutique financial advisory firm, as well as Vice President of investment banking at AEC Securities and KTBST Securities.  

With over 7 years of investment banking experience, Pornbhuda is an expert in capital market deal structure and strategy, financing for listed companies, and provides a wealth of knowledge in the area of securities. To AA&P, Pornbhuda brings his extensive knowledge in hybrid debt financing, business valuation, and fundamental analysis. Pornbhuda develops bespoke analyses and assists the team across various supporting functions. Pornbhuda comes with a wealth of experience as an entrepreneur in advisory business, capital markets, and securities.

Teerayut Thaiturapaisan

With over 10 years of professional experience in various businesses, Teerayut brings his extensive knowledge in identifying deal structure conditions, storytelling, and tackling various high-impact initiatives that relate to the SEC’s laws and regulations.

Teerayut holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Certification of Business Advisors from Kasetsart University. Additionally, he also holds Certification for Director Accreditation Program from Thai Institute of Directors, Bangkok. Prior to joining AA&P, he was a CFO for a listed real estate firm on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, as well as an analyst at the Economic Intelligence Center, which is a strategic unit of the Siam Commercial Bank.

Teerayut’s expertise spans business analysis, strategic thinking, collaboration, complex problem solving, reasoning, as well as management consulting and investment banking. Teerayut is primarily responsible for exploring business opportunities throughout the capital market in Thailand, focusing on corporate strategy, research, and investment banking activities. Teerayut’s wealth of experience as an entrepreneur in management consulting businesses, capital market, and banking is an asset to AA&P where he continues to advance our firm and the abilities of the whole team. 

Waroon Warawanisha

Chayaphat Rungpiboonsopit

With expertise and passion in business development and strategy, Chayaphat has a background in engineering from Chiang Mai University. He received a Master of Science in Finance at Chulalongkorn University and was an exchange student in Digital Business at Aalto University in Finland. With his extensive skill and knowledge, he has experience in business development, and business and financial analysis in public and private firms. He believes that problem is the beginning of success. There is always the sweetness after getting through a rough way!

Chayaphat has strengths in “Ideation”, “Woo”, “Strategic”, and “Relator”. He aims to change the financial and investment system in Thailand. Chayaphat has welcomed the enthusiastic people to change the old school financial system in Thailand together.

Shane Leong

Shane holds a Masters in Business Administration for Global Business Management from Thammasat University. With that, he has a broad sense of the global state of affairs between countries and where the opportunities lie for companies in Thailand. Mixing this opportunistic mindset with his global connections consisting of multinational corporations across the globe, he’s able to bridge the gap between other nations and Thailand creating an endless list of opportunities.

Being a member of AA&P is definitely quite the experience! The company has given me the freedom to explore different opportunities in my own way and allowed me to grow in parallel to such a young group of passionate individuals. Thus ultimately created a robust yet flexible working environment tailored to the up and coming generation!

Tossaporn Choowuttichao

Tossaporn brings extensive experience and professionalism from his time working in multinational companies such as the German industry leaders, Brenntag Group. After joining AA&P as a key member of the investment banking team, Tossaporn utilized his eye for details and keen problem-solving skills to focus on company research, due diligence, financial analysis, and assisting the Managing Director overseeing many aspects of various transactions.      

Tossaporn holds a master’s of Science in Finance (International Program) from Chulalongkorn University and a bachelor’s of Engineering (First-Class Honors) from Kasetsart University. He holds an FA license (under the SEC) and completed an Internship at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. 

Tossaporn enjoys designing company structures for maximum optimization, and getting clients out of complicated situations by helping them make sense of their financial options. His critical thinking skills allow him to strive in the areas of business analysis, financial modeling, and valuation. 

Patcharawan Ketsungnearn

Over 10 years of experience in Human Resource and Recruitment Industry, Patcharawan graduated with a Master of Art in Human Resource Development. In addition, she has completed a training course from the SEAC Institute to practice 8 skills that personnel “Must Have” in order to keep pace with the world of future and self-improvement to be more efficient work. She continued practicing in recruitment to be more effective, leading to the creation of talent in the organization.

She realized that to manage people who are different in each aspect is one of the challenges. She had to find a way to make everyone in the organization work well together, reduce conflict, and aim in the same direction. Nowadays, people management has changed a lot. It has entered to the era of Talent Management, managing people with maximum efficiency, creating a Care Plan and continuing to operate to achieve a measurable process.

AA&P is a new generation company where can work independently and open to different ideas and perspectives. Based on her past knowledges and experiences, Working with AA&P is a big challenge that requires her to develop herself to cope with different types of tasks and various circumstances. It is important to develop and link AA&P personnel management to be effective in line with corporate strategies that will lead to business goals and truly achieve the company’s missions.

Nawin Nawadejo

Phawarun Phochan

With grateful experience from a large international funding company, Phawarun got inspired to become a part of AA&P team by using her various management skills, such as working under pressure, time management and prioritization. Therefore, there is an opportunity for her to support the organization in order for the team to work at full efficiency.

Phawarun graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Tourism management from Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep. She strives to learn about the business world and use her skills to manage and solve problems, along with helping out the team members in all areas to find solutions and create successful projects. Phawarun’s role also involves overseeing the internal management in the field of financial accounting of the organization. 

Furthermore, she assists in the recruitment process, involving screening candidates with talent, determination and the right qualifications to be part of the team, develop and grow together with AA&P.

Wanthana Rattanasinlapin

After his graduation, Wanthana worked as a freelance to earn more skills in communication and collaboration along with coding skills. Starting with knowledge of C Language, he studied Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, NodeJS, and React to diversify his coding language skills as each project has different coding language requirements. Here at AA&P, Wanthana gains experience from many challenges. Working as a developer in a financial advisory firm, Wanthana develops internal-use software along with providing support for the system and colleagues.

Wanthana holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi. He had worked with a well-known E-commerce service provider in training artificial intelligence to forecast foreign securities prices to help make decisions. Wanthana brings his expertise to AA&P to enhance the growth of the company and develop himself along the way.