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Individuals or companies that require the best financial advice to maximize business potential and opportunity are assured professional guidance and individualized service at FYNNCORP

Thai Leading Financial Advisor in Convertible Bonds

FYNNCORP has crafted the new financial instrument in Thailand Capital Market via the Convertible Bonds Issuance that could be a win-win for both issuers and investors

Corporate Saving Strategy for Thailand and Thai People

With our firm focusing strategy, AA&P is ready to drive Thai economy by generating a fund flow from Banking Saving to Corporate Saving through Capital Market initiatives

The First Comprehensive HEMP Advisory in Thailand

FYNNCORP facilitates overseas and local investment in HEMP industry with superior advice. We assist Thai and foreign investors and promotes Thailand to become the HEMP hub in Asia

What We Offer

We provide investment management consultancy for both listed and non-listed companies as a professional financial advisor. With our expertise in strategic advice, we pride ourselves on our main services; investment banking, fundraising and hemp advisory.
Strategic Advice
We provide long term strategic planning for our alliance clients to help them achieve their business and financial goals along with enhancing the value of their companies.
Capital Market
AA&P guides clients on optimal strategy as well as offering and issuing various types of securities; equity, debt, hybrid and so on. Also we support them through the process of a securities takeover.
Independent Financial Advisors
With the team of professional and experienced financial advisors, We provide qualified advice on the viability and reasonableness of various proposals and transactions which will impact on shareholders both directly and indirectly.
Investor Relations
Publication Reliance is an expanded business from Advisory Alliance & Partners (AA&P), a financial advisory business endorsed by SEC, SET and ASCO. We aim to disrupt Thailand's Investor Relations service and solve pain points of listed companies with the principle that ‘shareholders are our top-of-mind.’
Investment Banking
AA&P(Advisory Alliance & Partners) covers all investment banking services such as business valuation, trading advice, mergers and acquisitions, and joint ventures. With grateful experiences and trusted partners, we also expert in both due-diligence and business valuation.
Hemp Advisory
At Advisory Alliance & Partners(AA&P), we facilitate oversea and local investment in HEMP industry with superior hemp advisory and promote Thailand to become a HEMP hub in Asia.
Debt Solutions
We are here to provide debt solutions and to rescue, revive client companies with complete debt restructuring, strategic planning, refinancing. All related negotiations required to breathe new life into an organization.

Success Stories

FynnCorp Capital Group Company Limited (FYNNCORP) is an independent financial advisory firm recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand. Since rebranded, our firm has proven fast-paced in growth and success with 15 client listed companies, comprehensive services offered and 4 billion THB raised through various financial instruments.
Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond attached with warrant

Asset Wise Plc.

The Third Case in Thailand

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond of 208 million THB

TWZ Corporation Plc.

The Second Case in Thailand

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond of 120 million THB

Villa Kunalai Plc.

The First Case in Thailand

Raising funds through convertible bond attached with warrant

Chai Watana Tannery Plc.

The Fifth Case in Thailand

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond attached with warrant

LEO GlobalLogistic Plc.

The Fourth Case in Thailand

IFA for liquidating the company's investment securities by bidding process

Akkhie Prakarn Plc.

Raising funds through the issuance of convertible bond attached with warrant

Chewa Thai Plc.

The Fifth Case in Thailand

Our Insights

Our Business
Benefits of Listing On the Thai Capital Market

Going public on the capital market is a major milestone for any company, and in Thailand, there are three distinct segments to choose from: the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Market for Alternative Investment (mai), and the LiVE Exchange (LiVEx). Each segment has different listing criteria, with the SET being the most stringent. To list […]

Our Business
Convertible Bonds: An Alternative Source of Funding for Small and Mid-Cap Companies

What are convertible bonds? Similarly to plain vanilla bonds, convertible bonds also have your standard features like interest rates, maturity date, and they can be traded assuming there is liquidity within the market. However, there are a few distinguishing features which separate the two and this article seeks to explore these features. The features mentioned […]


What is a warrant and how does it work? A warrant is a type of derivative which gives the holder the right to buy or sell a security, considered an equity, at a specific price before expiration. When companies issue warrants, they will have their own unique exercise conditions which is predetermined by the company. […]

Investment Banking
The Differences Between Each Type of Debenture Offering to Investors

When it comes to debenture offerings, there are certain regulations the companies offering these debentures must abide to under Thai law. Depending on who they’re offered to, the main types of issuance methods are as follows: This article aims to discuss the differences between each group and some of the underlying reasons why the regulations […]

Our Business
FYNNCORP Reveals that the Company Raised More Than 455-million-baht

FynnCorp Advisory Company Limited (FynnCorp), a new generation financial advisory firm specializing in the issuance and offering of “Convertible Bonds” (CB) with an aim to raise up to 30 billion baht of funding through convertible bonds in the country within 3 years to offer an alternative options to raise funds for partner companies listed on […]

General Knowledge
Essential Core of the UX/UI Design

Since humans have existed, it has always been necessary to have access to food, medicine, and a place to live. Humans need to be the ones who approach those things in an age without technology. Unlike today, technology has become an important part of life. Whether it’s ordering food, travelling, booking accommodations, or trading, everything […]



Hear from our clients

Working with FYNNCORP has been a pleasant journey. The depth of expertise, dedication to clients, and purposeful business aspiration are values we share with them and what makes our partnership stronger than ever. With growing trust and respect, we appreciate that FYNNCORP brings freshness and creativeness to a partnership and their accomplishments are evidence of their solid financial knowledge.

Ms. Araya Putthipongthorn

Managing Director of Araya & Partners Co., Ltd.

FYNNCORP receives our deepest appreciation. They assisted in raising funds, supporting our growth strategy, and acting as financial advisor. They managed to successfully issue debentures, convertible bonds, and warrants. FYNNCORP is an expert firm in structuring financial instruments. Their professionalism, creative ideas, and knowledge ensures that there is no question left unanswered. The ideal partner for building wealth.

Mrs. Praweerat Dheva-Aksorn

CEO of Villa Kunalai Plc.

Outstanding financial advisors, who demonstrate strong service mindedness and innovative approaches. Their ability to think outside the box enhanced the company strategy. With the highest professional standards, constant improvement, and remarkable performance, FYNNCORP guarantees customers an excellent level of service and exceptional consulting experience. FYNNCORP truly uphold their core values.

Mr. Weerapon Chaiteerath

CEO of Chai Watana Tannery Group Plc.

FYNNCORP has my appreciation. They provided an opinion on our company’s transactions and facilitated successful shareholders’ meetings in a professional manner. I was impressed that FYNNCORP took the suitable time to get a practical valuation, insight into the industry, and a common sense approach. My trust and respect has humbly grown along with FYNNCORP's performance, professional ethics, and consistent caring demeanor.

Ms. Patcharin Singthuen

Company Secretary of 7UP

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